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HabitART is sold at Makers Markets, the next market will be listed here with a link.







  • HabitART

About habitART

HabitART is a collection of  unique garden art made from upcycled, recycled and repurposed materials.

The pieces are carefully designed to suit specific animals, use non-toxic materials, and feature items that might otherwise go to waste.

Habitart is based in Kinjarling, Albany West Australia, which is part of one of only 34 internationally recognised biodiversity hotspots.

About Me

Hi, I'm Sally, a landscape designer with a love of beautiful design, nature and quirky ideas.
  In my work designing places that are great for people, I have begun to want to make them great for our native animals too.
HabitART brings together the practical aspects of habitat building with my creative
design practice, and celebrates  'rewilding' our gardens.

5% of each HabitART sale is donated to the Friends of the Fitzgerald River NP who are working to help conserve this important park.  The Fitzgerald River is located in the heart of an  internationally recognised biodiversity 'hotspot'.

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